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we make reusing At EVENTS easy








We are a kick-ass community that hosts a lot of events. And with all those events comes a lot of waste. 

Waste isn't always a bad thing. Waste can be food for something else. But... plastic is not food because of how it's made and once it's created is never gone,  and ends up in a landfill more than it gets properly reused. It also harms our bodies, and our furry wet friends that think it's food. Because we care so much about you, our magical Santa Cruz peeps, and our vast ocean backyard, we wanted to change the way we do things, while not disrupting the whole fun event system.

ReCRUZ: Reusable Glassware Rental, Bring Your Own


Our business has the environment in mind first, the process starts by collaborating with event coordinators to market and advertise as a ‘Bring Your Own Cup’ event. A little humor goes a long way, or at least we think it does.  

Being circular is sexy.  

ReCRUZ: Rent Glassware in Santa Cruz, California


Bummed you forgot your fave mug? No need to worry, we got your back. Simply rent our swanky 16 oz mason jar for $1. Fill it up with that mouth watering local craft beer and relax. When you're done with it, simply leave it in a designated return crate. 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

ReCRUZ: Make a Difference

Make a difference

Believe it or not, drinking beer out of glass instead of single-use plastic cups tastes better and helps our planet. Win, win! Thanks to you we post what our collective impact was together at the end of the event to make you feel a little warm and fuzzy.



our impact 

THanks to you we took a big step forward, one drink at a time.  we had a lot of laughs and fun and we are ready to do it again whenever you are. check out our collective impact below. 

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I can’t say enough great things about ReCRUZ.
Not only were we doing something good for the environment and our community, but our attendees and beer vendors loved it, too. We can’t wait to grow our partnership!”
— Matthew Swinnerton, Event Santa Cruz
ReCRUZ is a perfect demonstration of simple problem solving, smooth execution, and tasteful design to create reusable events. Their refreshing and upbeat vibe will help create a mainstream reusable culture by putting these simple and sensible options front and center, and look good doing it!
— Matt Miller, Save Our Shores



making a difference starts here



We are three local people that came together from the common love of a circular lifestyle. One that is sensible and considerate of the environment and of our community. We practice what we teach in every sense of our lives;  we care about you and our planet. 

Protect what you love, always.

Adam, Tatiana, and Eva

ReCRUZ: Reusable Glassware Rental Our Story
ReCRUZ: Reusable Glassware Rental, Eva Pollard

Adam Steckley & Tatiana Burdiak

We freaking love Santa Cruz -  all its people, the ocean, the surf, the redwoods, wine, beer, and everything in between. Ever since we moved here, we both felt the need to commit to protecting this community we are so privileged to call our home. As the founders of I Go Topless, a movement that brings attention to the harm of single use plastic coffee lids and cups, we wanted to create a solution that makes reusing something easy and fun.  The fact of the matter is, each of us has the power to make the world a better place and one small action, like re(CR)using a mug, can really make the biggest difference when we all do it together.  

Eva Pollard

Eva Pollard is a Santa Cruz local and the founder of the Circular Living lifestyle movement and the blog The Kind Planet. Circular Living mirrors the "circular" cycles of nature by reducing resource consumption, and the production of trash and recycling on both an individual and systemic level. Through Circular Living Eva's goal is to continue to be a kind person and sensible consumer, voting with her circular actions to inspire positive social and environmental change all the way up the waste stream. Eva enjoys collaborating with others to help reduce our collective impact on this kind planet. Go slow, Be Kind.


we have some great friends. 

That is what's best about Santa Cruz. There are people who care, who love, and who want to make a difference, do what is right, join all of us together, and to protect what we all love so very much. 

ReCRUZ would not be possible without you fine people to support our mission.

Event Santa Cruz

event santa cruz

Event Santa Cruz, who loved our idea from the start and opened their business to us with wide open arms. Thank you for constantly showing just how special our people and community really are. 

Santa Cruz Community Farmers' Markets

Santa Cruz Community Farmers' Markets

*COMING SOON* We are working with SCCFM to develop a program to eliminate "to-go" ware at the markets. SCCFM has been committed to the health of our people and to the health of the local economy and we are thrilled to be adding our services to this thriving community. 

Khordz Mugs

Khordz handmade mugs

Khordz Mugs for their effervescence, passion, and like-minded mission of keeping our ocean free of plastic. 

Save Our Shores


The S.O.S. Family has been supportive of a plastic free ocean long before our time and it's because of their team and Sanctuary Stewards that led us down a deeper path of conscious consumerism. They define community activism in every sense and we are full of gratitude to be working with them to make all of their events as low impact as possible. 

Extra Kitchen

Extra Kitchen

Lots of amazing and familiar local artisan foods come out of Extra Kitchen and we are super proud to call it our official jar cleaning headquarters! All these jars are properly cleaned and sanitized in this community commercial kitchen.  


Santa Cruz Gear Repair

If you've returned a jar in one of our crates you might have noticed the impeccable organic hemp & cotton liner that fit the dimensions of them perfectly. Peter is a master industrial sewer and pretty much the nicest guy in Seabright. If you need a gear or apparel fix, stop by his shop - you won't regret it.